Announcing the 2012 DocMiami
Public Service Announcement Competition
“Save The Arts in Public Schools”

The purpose of the DocMiami Public Service Announcement Competition is to promote the support of the arts in public schools. The benefits of art programs are definitely evident across the curriculum. The arts are valuable to society as a whole and can be integrated within Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and of course History. They provide students the tools to develop creative minds in order to explore and reach creative solutions and they inspire good citizenship by encouraging cooperation and teamwork. The goal of the DocMiami PSA “Save the Arts in Public Schools” competition is to allow students to express in their own words their appreciation for the arts.

A panel of judges will select One Public Service Announcement (PSA) winner based on student entries and students will also be able to win an Audience award based on the online voting system.

All Entries are to be submitted via email:

Brenda Nieborsky at
cc: Priscilla Chaca at 



1. This Public Service Announcement (PSA) competition is centered on the theme, “Save the Arts in Public Schools .”

2. The 2011 DocMiami Public Service Announcement Competition: “Save the Arts in Public Schools” is open to students in grades 6-12.

3. All Student entries must be submitted with the approval of a sponsoring teacher

4. MUST NOT contain any brands (example: NIKE t-shirt, Sprite, etc. and also MUST NOT contain any music without the direct permission of the creator, example: no music downloads from popular artists etc.)

5. Sponsor teachers must submit all video files via email as explained below and then forward completed parent consent form below


6. A Parental Consent Form for Photo/Video must be submitted for each student which appears in the video. Mail Paerntal Consent forms to:

DocMiami International Film Festival
P.O. Box 720487
Doral FL 33172 
  c/o: DocMiami PSA Contest

7. All video file entries must be submitted by sponsor teacher using the following Teacher's instructions:

When you have your video psa complete, email it to our video service provider Brenda Nieborsky at Be sure the video information is included in the email, as required by the PSA specifications below. Brenda will upload the video to the contest's channel which is at

8. It is free to enter this contest

A special DocMiami "Save The Arts In Public Schools" Channel will be available on to view all valid entries.

Special Instructions for Miami Dade County Public Schools Inter-Office Mail:

Parent Consent Forms may be mailed via snail mail or sent via interoffice mail to:

 DocMiami International Film Festival
P.O. Box 720487
Doral FL 33172
c/o: DocMiami PSA Contest

All entries are due
by 4 p.m. on  March 30, 2012.
Students identified as winners will receive an award and VIP Passes to DocMiami events.

PSA specifications are as follows:

Must Include “PARENTAL CONSENT FORM FOR PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE” Read Official Rules for more information

PSA will be centered on the 2012 DocMiami Theme: “Save the Arts in Public Schools.”
Minimum of 30 seconds
No longer than 60 seconds
No Brands or Music without consent
PSA Title
School Name
Teacher/Sponsor Name
Names of Student Film makers
PSA Description/Synopsis


PSA’s chosen from this competition will be exhibited online at and on all DocMiami online websites and networks

For additional information, contact Priscilla Chaca, DocMiami "Save The Arts" Liason, via email at or phone at 305-951-7438.

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